About MakeX

MakeX is a platform of robotic competitions for guiding the growth of young people. It aims at inspiring people’s enthusiasm for creativity, sharing, and collaboration by Robotics Competition, Makerathon, and STEAM Carnival. Its core activity, the MakeX Robotics Competition, is an international robotics competition originating from China, which is STEAM education centered.

Our Spirit


We advocate curiousness and innovation. We encourage all contestants to create unique high-tech works with their talents, and dare to challenge themselves for continuous progress!



We advocate solidarity and friendship. We encourage all contestants to have a sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit, and sincerely work with our partners for win-win development!


We encourage contestants to have a healthy, optimistic mentality in the competition, and have a taste of joy and growth in challenging to make their life brighter!


We encourage contestants to have an open mind all the time as a maker to share their knowledge, responsibility and joy with their teammates, competitors and the society!

MakeX spirit is the cultural cornerstone of the MakeX Robotics Competition. We hope to provide a platform for all contestants, mentors and industry experts to exchange ideas, study and grow up, and help young people acquire new skills during creation, learn to respect others in teamwork, gain an enjoyable life experience in the competition, take delight in sharing with the society their knowledge and responsibility, and work hard to achieve their grand aspiration of changing the world and creating the future!


Hosted by: MakeX Robotics Competition Committee

Organizer: Shenzhen Hulu Maker Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Makeblock Co., Ltd.